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Whether for high-speed, cargo, heavy haul, tram or underground rail networks: Goldschmidt Thermit Group is the recognized and proven supplier worldwide for products and services for the construction, renovation, maintenance and modernization of railway tracks.

Since 1895 we are known for highest quality and excellent service in the railway sector. With experience, expertise and innovative ideas we are well equipped for the challenges of the international railway infrastructure. Place your trust in a constantly growing group of companies. 

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Leipzig, 15.02.2016

Goldschmidt Thermit Group focuses on infrastructure market in Eastern Europe / Subsidiary founded in Poland...  more information

Leipzig, 14.12.2015

Fast and comfortable: Goldschmidt Thermit Group joins rails continuously on new Erfurt to Leipzig/Halle section of railway track...  more information

Leipzig, 07.05.2015

Goldschmidt Thermit Group inaugurates research center in Leipzig and celebrates 120 years of the patent for the "Goldschmidt process"...  more information