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Orgo-Thermit, Inc, founded 1967 is a company specializing in the manufacture and supply of Thermit® welding kits and equipment for an extensive range of T-rail and crane rail profiles as well as rail grinding services. They also offer a comprehensive welder training and certification program designed to train welders in the installation of their Thermit® welds as well as specialty services in non-destructive testing, ultrasonic testing of field welds, analytical and consulting services. The manufacturing facility has been in operation for over 50 years, located in Manchester, New Jersey, USA along with their corporate headquarters. This underlines the many years of extensive experience and expertise which is available for the benefit of customers.

Orgo-Thermit Inc.

3500 Colonial Drive North
Manchester, New Jersey 08759

Phone +1 (0) 732 6575781
Fax +1 (0) 732 6575899


PortaCo, Inc. joined the Goldschmidt Thermit Group in August 2013. Situated in Moorhead, Minnesota, USA it has grown in over 35 years from a manufacturer of hydraulic valves and manifolds to become a leading producer of hydraulic power units for a number of industries as well as hydraulic tools for the railway track construction and maintenance. They offer their customers standard as well as customized high quality products which are specifically characterized by their safe, ergonomic and reliable design. The product portfolio is complemented by a high level of customer service.

PortaCo, Inc.

1805 2nd Avenue North
Moorhead, Minnesota 56560

Phone +1 (0) 218-236-0223
Fax +1 (0) 218-233-5281


Founded in 1952 Thermit do Brasil is responsible for the South American market. The core activity is the production of Thermit® welding consumables and equipment suited to all rail profiles and grades in South America. In addition, they offer Thermit® welding services as well as tools for Thermit® welding and other applications. The strict quality control of raw materials and components is always a top priority. The portfolio is complemented by buffer stops, rail grinding services, insulated rail joints and much more.

Thermit do Brasil Ind. e Com. Ltda.

Rua Sargento Silvio Hollenbach 601
21530-200 Rio de Janeiro

Phone + 55 21 3818-3800
Fax + 55 21 3818-3838