Hydraulic power units

You benefit from a range of hydraulic power units, developed for different industries – proven and robust:

  • Power units with gasoline, diesel engines or electrical power supplyengines
  • Proven and powerful products as well as customized versions
  • Versions in different sizes and power outputs 
  • For permanent installation, or mobile on wheels, as a trailer or self-propelled


Proven and robust hydraulic power unit


  • Engine safety thanks to low oil level shut-down 
  • Increased Power unit life
  • Easy storage
  • Easy transportation by one or two people, even on rough terrain
  • Noise reduction due to vibration dampening 


  • Low oil level shut-down ensures engine safety
  • Large capacity oil cooler
  • 16” wheels
  • Collapsible handle
  • Fuel level gauge and hour meter
  • Vibration dampening
  • Different flow options available


SPU 400 B

Battery powered hydraulic aggregate

The battery-powered hydraulic aggregate SPU 400 B offers a compact, emission-free drive for hydraulic tools and machines. Among other things, you can use the power unit for our U-L, U-L4, U-LW, U-LS and U-L-RK hydraulic shearing devices. The low weight and compact dimensions ensure easy and user-friendly handling. With the GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP the machine data as well as the process parameters are saved centrally. The data is uploaded directly to our database solution DARI® so that data can be analyzed and accessed globally.


  • Long service life and high flexibility on the construction site
  • Increasing safety at work for the user
  • Use in tunnels as no emissions are generated
  • Use in the night shift in cities due to low noise emissions
  • Monitoring the battery charge status and thus predictive work planning
  • Protection against shocks and splashes due to the robust case


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