Special tools for Thermit® welding

In addition to our consumables, we offer machines, devices and equipment for the different Thermit® welding processes for all types of tracks, e.g.:

  • flame cutting and preheating, autogenous technology
  • Aligning the rail joint
  • Work equipment for performing the various Thermit® welding processes, e.g. mould shoes, slag pans, clamping devices, preheating burners
  • Machining the rail joint after performing a Thermit® weld 


Handle for efficient documentation of the preheating process

The SMARTWELD RECORD records and documents the preheating parameters for THERMIT® welding via the GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP. The welder is given the specific individual steps for the THERMIT® welding in a user friendly way and without errors. This ensures both optimum use of welding materials and that welding is performed to standard. Process parameters can be saved centrally using the GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP. The data is uploaded directly to our database solution DARI® so that data can be analyzed and accessed globally.


  • Efficient quality control and documentation of construction and maintenance measures
  • Improved quality, decrease in welding errors
  • Use independent of weather
  • Simple, fast training, product is easy to introduce
  • Complete evaluation of THERMIT® welding


Automated preheating of the THERMIT® weld

By automating the preheating and working without compressed oxygen, the propane-air torch SMARTWELD JET optimizes your work process. Due to the avoidance of execution errors and the documentation produced on site by means of the GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP, the economic efficiency of your welding activities increases. The data is uploaded directly to our database solution DARI® so that data can be analyzed and accessed globally. SMARTWELD JET ensures safe and reproducible execution of the preheating process – guaranteeing high weld quality.



  • Reduced transportation and logistics workload through elimination of the oxygen bottles
  • Simplified handling, thus increased occupational safety
  • Relief of the welders due to discontinuation of the setting and monitoring tasks
  • Efficient quality control and documentation of construction and maintenance measures
  • Complete evaluation of THERMIT® welding
  • Thermal protection of the casting mould


Petrol compressed air blower for preheating Thermit® welds


  • Preheat THERMIT® welds without the need to use technical gases
  • No gas bottles on the track
  • Reduced preheating times compared to similar competitor products thanks to higher heat input
  • Can be applied in all THERMIT® welding processes
  • Alternative solution to conventional preheating, e.g. for working underground


  • Offered as a kit with one preheating blower, one complete set of petrol and compressed air hoses, one preheating burner for petrol/ compressed air
  • Dimensions L x W x H = 926 x 404 x 615 mm (excluding handles and wheels)
  • Blower pressure: max. 0.8 bar
  • 4-stroke petrol motor: 4.2 KW and 3.6 l tank capacity
  • Handles and wheels optional



Secure, precise ignition of Thermit® portions

The innovative SMARTWELD SPARK ensures reliable and precise initial ignition of the Thermit® portions and is therefore an alternative to igniters which are considered to be hazardous substance.


  • Total elimination of as hazardous goods declared igniters for import and transportation
  • Significant increase of work safety due to omission of hot and open burning igniters
  • Applicable for all crucibles supplied by Elektro-Thermit
  • Service life of one charged battery for at least 20 ignition processes, which means more than one shift before recharging
  • Cost saving consumables


  • Initial spark using electrodes
  • Voltage < 60 V (according DIN 62135)
  • Shock proof and impact resistance frame
  • Integrated LED-lights as well as warning light & alert when ignition starts
  • Weight: 1.8 kg (without case); Dimensions: 340 x 220 x 75 mm incl. battery    
  • Offered as a kit in a convenient case incl. recharger, one battery,  1 pack/10 pieces single use electrodes 



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